CORPORE is a non-profit health organization that was established in 1982 in São Paulo, and is currently the largest running club in Latin America…

Based upon this mission, CORPORE regularly organizes professional half marathons and other domestic and international racing events to bring to all Brazilians the joy of running, competing, and good health.

As a non – profit entity, CORPORE has a large professional staff that organizes several racing events throughout the year.In addition, CORPORE holds many kinds of seminars and webinars on a wide variety of health related topics that not only educate but also provide a networking forum for the exchange of ideas and opinions.

From its inception and for over 30 years, I have tremendously enjoyed developing and branding CORPORE as an organization dedicated to healthier living through running and exercise.It gives me a great deal of pride, happiness, and hope in knowing that this organization will continue to impart to the younger generation the benefits of running and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Octávio Aronis Vice President CORPORE.

  • Phone: +55 011 3053-3036
  • E-mail: aronis@aronisadvogados.com.br
  • Address: Rua Afonso Braz, 579, 12º andar – conj. 125 – Vila Nova Conceição São Paulo-SP-Brasil
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